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Kentucky Haunted Houses Review: USS Nightmare

  • Average Review: 5
  • Scare Factor: Very scary
  • Appropriate For: Ages 10+

On a seemingly quiet summer day, former dredging vessel, the William S. Mitchell, mysteriously broke free of its moorings wreaking havoc for miles down the river. Although no one was thought to be aboard at the time, the boat’s eventual demise would reveal a much different story.

The USS Nightmare is the resurrection of the William S. Mitchell. The boat is in the exact condition it was left in the aftermath of the Mitchell Massacre. To this very day, anyone who enters is tormented by the sinister past of this former dredging vessel – including the cast and crew of our haunted dredge boat tour.

Built in 1934 by the US Army Corps of Engineers, these 1,300+ ton machines could move 80,000 cubic yards in just 24 hours. But as river passage became more stabilized, three of the four boats were retired and the Mitchell was left as the only dredge still in service. Although the Captain and his crew were still operating infrequent dredging missions, the William S. Mitchell’s retirement was also imminent.

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