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The Scare Factor's 2016 Top 10 Haunts!

The USS Nightmare would like to thank The Scare Factor for being recognized as #3 on their list of Top 10 nationwide haunts!

About The Scare Factor:

"What makes The Scare Factor so different is that our reviews are published by a collaboration of professional haunted attraction reviewers that we call our “Scream Teams.”

Our teams help us review haunts from different parts of the country because, let’s face it, one group of haunt-goers just can’t visit them all in one season.

It takes a special kind of haunt enthusiast to become one of our Scream Teams. Some of them even have experience directly working for haunts! They’ve been interrogated, completed mock reviews (which were analyzed by The Scare Factor’s owners), been trained on what to look for while visiting the haunts and instructed on what to include in their reviews. We look for talented individuals who have a true passion for the haunted attraction industry that can also demonstrate a good understanding of the English language and how it’s written. All of our reviews are edited before being submitted to the public."

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