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City Blood - Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana 2016 Haunt Reviews

We’d like to thank City Blood for their excellent 2016 review of the USS Nightmare! Below is an excerpt of the review—be sure to click through and read the horrors of the entire article!

Final Stab Stab Count: 9/10

A storm is brewing in Newport, Kentucky and the restless souls of the USS Nightmare are calling out your name. This classic haunt has returned to another year of fear. Enter the belly of the beast which is the William S. Mitchell or what some call the “Death Dredge”. This rusty steam boat is home to unspeakable horror and you’ll soon discover the dark secrets of its past…

Length: 9

Design: 9

Props/Animatronics: 9

Acting: 9

Scare Effect: 9

Final Stab: 9

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