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The Scare Factor Ranks USS Nightmare #4 in 2016!

The USS Nightmare would like to The Scare Factor for the gruesome 2016 review of the Death Dredge! We finished #4 overall and ended up with a Scare Factor of 9.57/10. Below are some highlights, but be sure to follow the link and view the full article!

From TheScareFactor.com:

“Built by the U.S. Army, a recent discovery indicates that the USS William S. Mitchell was actually “Designed for Death!” Some say that human bones and remains were often found in the Mitchell’s dredge lines. Others think that it was used to transport barrels of unknown substances. Reports even claim that she was a vessel (in more ways than one) for top-secret government projects! Are the reports and beliefs true?”

  • Cast: 9.48 / 10
  • Costuming: 9.79 / 10
  • Customer Service: 9.64 / 10
  • Atmosphere: 9.93 / 10
  • Special Effects: 9.71 / 10
  • Theme: 9.91 / 10
  • Fright Effect: 8.9 / 10
  • Value: 9.23 / 10

Thanks again to The Scare Factor and everyone who came out this season to make it such a success! Until next year…we will find you!

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