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Top 31 Haunted Attractions 2015

  • Ranked #15

Haunted attractions today are comparable to Hollywood movie productions, becoming more elaborate and more immersive than ever before! According the Haunted Attraction Association, the haunt industry is a $7 billion dollar industry with more than 2,500 haunted attractions spread across the U.S. A recent poll showed that just over 20% of American visited a haunted house this season.

Every Halloween, we hear the buzz about the BEST and SCARIEST haunted attractions, so this year, we gave the fans a chance to nominate and vote for their favorites. Fans nominated a list of 120 haunts around the U.S. Then, throughout the month of October, fans had the opportunity to visit the attractions. The last week in October those same fans voted for their favorite haunts. After more than 40,000 votes, here are the selections that YOU, the FANS voted as Coaster Nation’s 2015 Top Haunts!

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