October 20: Captain's Extreme Tour!

On Saturday, October 20th, we will feature our Captain's Extreme Tour. Regular Tours will not be available. The Captain's Extreme Tour will run from 7pm –  1am. This special event is not recommended for kids under 17. What you can expect: adult situations and language, more extreme special effects, cast & crew can touch you, separation from your group, more darkness and intense horror, and potential to get wet.

Haunted Dredge Boat

The USS Nightmare is the resurrection of the William S. Mitchell. The boat is in the exact condition it was left in the aftermath of the Mitchell Massacre. To this very day, anyone who enters is tormented by the sinister past of this former dredging vessel – including the cast and crew of our haunted dredge boat tour.

Listen to their stories

First Deck



Enter at your own risk. You'll find your way through the engine room and the boiler room, among others, riddled with remnants of the Mitchell's dark, sinister past.



Experience the aftermath of the Mitchell Massacre firsthand as you look into the dead eyes of the William S. Mitchell's crewmembers. Pray your fate doesn't end like theirs.



The sprawling first deck of the Mitchell is terrifyingly expansive which makes finding your way to the closest escape point nearly impossible.

Second Deck



If you make it this far, you'll make your way up a corridor situated around the Mitchell's enormous paddlewheel. This is where dead bodies were found hanging in the freezer after the Mitchell Massacre.



The second deck is where the infamous "clowns" were discovered burned and mangled in the wake of the Mitchell Massacre. Captain Mitchell and Anna also await you here...



The second deck unnervingly twists and turns, disorienting anyone and everyone trying to find their way out. You will welcome the idea of jumping ship early.

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